School is back in session. It is time for new flooring!

With the children back in school during the day, it would be a perfect time to rip out your old, worn out carpet and install new beautiful carpet or switch to hardwood throughout your house! By adding new flooring in your home, it will change the whole look and feel to your house. Depending on the age of the children will help decide on what flooring is best for you. For younger children, Bliss by Beaulieu Healthy Touch would be great for the kids bedroom and playroom. This type of carpet is the softest, freshest and the cleanest. This carpet has a built-in Silver Release technology that will help prevent the growth of stains and odor which all cause bacteria, mold and mildew. Bliss carpet was made with a built-in Magic Fresh odor-reducing treatment that will reduce common household odors; pet odors, cooking odors, household odors and smoking odors. This carpet comes with a 20 year warranty and comes in multiple types of colors. We get amazing prices from Beaulieu compared to others and we are more than happy to help you pick out your new flooring! Give us a call today so we can set up an appointment to begin your remodeling process!

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